V 2.0

A Product of NUGSOFT Technologies LTD

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Member & Clients Registration

Allow SACCO’s & MFI’s to know their clients by capturing, processing & analyzing bio data, demographic data from members and clients.

Savings & Contributions

Our Software allows SACCO’s & Micro finance Institutions to run multiple Saving Products including Interest Accruing Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts, Non-Interest Savings Account, with Ease.

Loans Management

We Supports multiple loan products as offered by MFI’s, SACCO’s & Credit Lending Companies including reducing balance interest based, straight line interest based, Micro finance Reducing Interest based & Product Loans among others.

Shares management

Expenses tracking/monitoring

SMS Alerts/ Notifications


Sacco System is an integrated Sacco and Micro finance Management System with a number of modules which enable a Sacco to manage its operations from loans applications to disbursement, Savings accounts functionality, Financial accounting and Reporting, shares/Deposits management, Front office administration